UJ Women’s Studies Center networking event for students, alumni and faculty on September 26, 2013 at the university restaurant

Nearly 50 guests attended this inaugural networking event for women’s studies graduates; the event was unique in drawing on feedback from current and former students as well as affiliate faculty for the vision and activities of the Center.  Current and former students enthusiastically hailed the birth of a student-alumni network, Jordanian Women Pioneers.
Guests spoke warmly about the center, and the lasting, positive impact it had on their lives, including their desire to pursue gender equality in their jobs and lives and to spread awareness about it.

One alumna of women’s studies gushed: “I graduated with power I never knew I had.”

Another runs a radio show on al Balad, “listen to us, we are talking” that regularly highlights women’s rights debunking the popular myth perpetuated by the media that women already have all of their rights.
Dr. Abeer Debabneh, new director of WSC, welcomes students past and present: “we all belong to the center”, UJ Vice President for Scientific Research, Graduate Studies and Quality, Prof. Dr. Muhammad al Batsh calling on the group to establish an alumnae network of women’s studies graduates to increase awareness about gender issues.

Prof. of sociology Helmi Sari, teaches at the center: “women’s studies is about injustice toward women; those how say equality is already there misunderstand the realities. We need better explain the concept of gender!”, a current male WSC student shares: “when I first started I suffered trying to explain people I was doing my Master’s in women’s studies. They would laugh at me. I want to study this. And we need to do more to explain this subject to the society.”

An alumna of women’s studies gushed: “I graduated with power I never knew I had”, WSC 2nd year student called for a university with a suitable environment for education, particularly for women. WSC Alumna calling to translate theory into practice!
One of first male women’s studies program graduates stressed that women’s studies affect all of society; gender stigma comes from erroneous teaching at home.


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