Japanese Delegation visits the Center for Women's Studies at UJ

A group of Japanese women who are specialized in law were briefed about the activities of the Center for Women's Studies at the University of Jordan.
The Director of the Center, Prof. Ghaidaa KhaznahKatbi, presented the experience of the center in the fields of teaching and research which deals with women's issues and social gender, referring to Jordan's attention to advance women's right and accomplish social justice.
Also, Prof. Ghaidaa KhaznahKatbi noted to the achievements of Jordanian women, especially in leadership and teaching positions in addition to their effective role in supporting the development process through their responsibilities in public services.
Moreover, Prof. Ghaidaa KhaznahKatbi expressed the center's interest to cooperate with Japanese institutions relating to women such as the Japanese Association of Women Lawyers through signing memorandums of understanding in the field of employment, education, gender equality and small business.
The delegation members presented a detailed explanation about Japanese women and their participation in political and public life, noting that the Japanese Association of Women Lawyers was established in 1950 in order to contribute in the development process and achieve gains for Japanese women through issuing laws and legislations.
The Head of Women's Studies department at the Center, Dr. Abeer Dababneh, and the Head of Research & Consultation Department, Prof. Amal El Kharouf, participated in presenting the center march which seeks to foster the rights of women in Jordan and promote cooperation between both sides in the field of women's issues.
The delegation members stated that Jordan has achieved a significant progress in women's participation in the political life in Jordan as a prominent approach in the Arab region.

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