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Video Conferencing facility at Atheer Center/University of Jordan

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Services provided

I was less concerned about the service and more about their confidentiality and privacy rules. They are rather good and do appear to be bound by a tight privacy code of conduct. The service I had done first was my history term paper. It was very long and needed a lot of work.


At first they seemed more expensive than the other essay writing services, which seemed bad, but they have a higher standard for their work, so you get what you pay for. Plus, I feel like I can trust a company that charges more because they have more to lose if they let me down.

bestessay prices
Discounts and free features

I used the 15% discount on my first order with the company. My history work also needed around 18 pages so they gave me a 5% discount too. They don’t really have free features, but I asked them to format it my way and they did.

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