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Department of Training

The training department in the center was established in 1981. The training department strives to prepare, organize and deliver training programs that serve the local Jordanian, and regional Arab community at large in all fields. These training programs are delivered utilizing the distinguished expertise available in the University of Jordan (JU), and sometimes subcontracting to experts outside JU.

Training department in the Center of Consultations cooperates with training managers and executive officers in the private and public sectors to deliver training programs designed and tailored to their specific needs and timeframe. Also, training department is devoted to actively engage the experts and specialists in the University of Jordan in developing and improving skills of delegates from client institutions and companies, whether in the public or private sectors or non governmental organizations (NGOs).

The training department is equipped with modern classrooms and computer facilities to provide and deliver the most fruitful learning experience for the delegates and trainees.

The center delivers more than 500 continuing education programs annually. These programs span a wide spectrum of disciplines, including but not limited to:

a.     Arts with focus on Arabic language programs and English language programs.

b.     Various scientific disciplines e.g., biology, geology, ICT and labs.

c.      Humanities and social sciences with focus on economics, political sciences, history and archeology.

d.     Administration and management sciences and public administration with emphasis on business management, BIS, accounting, demographic and economic studies, finance, and marketing.

e.      Shari'a law (Islamic law) and studies.

f.       Medical and health disciplines

g.     Agricultural studies

h.    Education and psychology.

i.       Engineering disciplines: civil, architectural, electrical, mechanical, chemical, industrial, computer and mechatronics.

j.       Law and legislation.

k.     Environmental, seismic, and water and irrigation disciplines.

The studies department has carried out many projects for both the private and public sectors, to mention but a few of these

·        The influence of corruption on economic and social development (Ministry of Planning –Jordan).

·        Manufacturing of cast dyes (Higher Council for Science and Technology – Jordan).

·        Design of a waste water treatment plant in Basrah city – Iraq (UNICEF and Iraq)

·        The attitudes and behavior of Jordanians towards cancer prevention (King Hussein Institute for Biotechnology – Jordan).

·        Analysis of the availability of family services (Higher Population Council – Jordan)

·        Actuarial study for the Ports Establishment (Ports Establishment – Jordan)

Studies Department
Department of Consultation

JU has a large base of technical experts and consultants in various fields and disciplines. The studies department in concerned with

1.     Technical Studies and Consultations. This is achieved either by providing high caliper studies and consultations or by providing experts and consultations to the clients.

2.     Technical Services and Analysis. The scientific faculties in JU own highly specialized labs equipeed with state-of-the-art instruments and equipment. The departments offers services in the following fields

a.     Chemical analysis services in various disciplines with focus in health, agricultural and engineering fields.

b.     Manufacturing of glassware and lab apparatus.

c.      Manufacturing of certain chemical compounds for specific applications and industry.

d.     Analysis using scanning electron microscope (SEM).

e.      Translation services for documents be it personal or official.

Marketing department
Department of Marketing

The marketing department was established to strengthen and foster the bonds between the CoC and clients through marketing the services it provides utilizing modern marketing methods and approaches.