Professor Cruz visits The Cell Therapy Center

Professor Lyndon Da Cruz visited The Cell Therapy Center on Tuesday, August 28th  and met with the director of the Center Prof. Abdalla Awidi.

Professor Lyndon Da Cruz is a Renowned British Professor of Stem Cell and Retinal Transplantation Surgery, during his visit he toured the CTC building and praised the level of ​​expertise achieved by the center​.

Also a lecture was held at the Cell Therapy Center, titled:

Use of Next Generation Sequencing to Study the Genetics of Retinitis Pigmentosa in Jordanian Cohort and  Gene Therapy for Retinitis Pigmentosa: A Phase I/II Study Proposal in Preparation

Which was presented by Leena Abu Amireh and Raghda Barham, lab supervisors in The Cell Therapy Center​.

Among the audience were, the director of the Cell Therapy Center, Dr. Abdullah Awidi, a group of doctors in the Department of Opthalmology, University of Jordan Hospital and technical staff of the Cell Therapy Center.


30 Aug, 2018

Cell Therapy Center

The center is licensed by the Ministry of Health