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CenterNews: The 44th World Chemistry Congress From 11th to 16th of August 2013 (Istanbul, Turkey)


The 44th World Chemistry Congress From 11th to 16th of August 2013 (Istanbul, Turkey)


Prof. Abeer Al Bawab the director of HMCSR and Dr. Fadwa Odeh have attended the 44th world chemistry congress held in Istanbul/ Turkey on Augst 11th – 16th, 2013, were they have presented the JOCHERA project. This Global forum which is held once every two years is considered as one of the important international conferences that is interested in all aspects related to the chemistry. Prof. Abeer the coordinator of JOCHERA project and Dr. Fadwa Odeh attended the Chemistry for Cultural Heritage Session, prof. Abeer presented paper about preparation of different dispersions formulation for consolidation of Jordanian basaltic artifacts, and poster about the conservation materials and archaeomerty techniques in Jordan (2000-2012): A review, while Dr. Fadwa presented poster about the EU funded project  "Jordan conservation of cultural heritage in ERA" (JOCHERA).


The scientfic program of the congress follows the traditional structure of plenary, keynote, oral and poster presentations. Four Nobel Laurates in chemistry and other distiunguished chemists were plenary and keynote speakers during the congress. The congress was more than just chemists talking to chemists. It encouraged the interactions of chemists with other disciplines.

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