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Hamdi Mango Center for Scientific Research


CenterNews: Cooperation Agreement between The University of Jordan (UJ) and Jordan Chamber of Industry (JCI)


Cooperation Agreement between The University of Jordan (UJ) and Jordan Chamber of Industry (JCI)


Hamdi Mango Center for Scientific Research and The Department of Chemistry and  at the University of Jordan (UJ) on Thursday signed an agreement with the Jordan Chamber of Industry (JCI) to collaborate in research and training fields.
The agreement was signed by UJ Vice President for Research, Graduate Studies and Quality, Prof. Hala Khyami - Hourani and JCI Secretary General, Nabil Ismail.
According to the terms of the agreement, JCI will shall guide student in their projects, especially postgraduate students, and assist them in sighting industrial issues technically wise and search for problem solutions.
According to the agreement, JCI shall hold lectures and training programs by industrialists to bring students closer to the industrial reality and the various categories of the chemical industry, whereas the University shall provide facilities, infrastructure such as laboratories, machinery and equipment.
"The agreement comes within the university strategic plan for the years (2013-2018) under the slogan (towards a global university),” Khyami said.
“The agreement aims at activating the positive relationship with the private sector, particularly the private industrial sector, to ensure the production of knowledge and results with universal value in various specialized fields” she added.
Khyami said the university has developed several partnerships with various economic and production institutions, most prominent the “Faculty for Factory” initiative and the business incubators, to provide opportunities for training and development of students within the labor market.
In this regard, Khyami indicated that it was agreed to form a joint body to determine the cooperation frameworks in areas of education and scientific research and the introduction of the University facilities, services and infrastructure, metadata and laboratory equipment to the local and international communities.
The signing ceremony was attended by the Dean of the Faculty of Science, Prof. Najib Abu Karki, Chairman of the Department of Chemistry, Dr. Jalal Zahara and Director of Hamdi Mango Center, Dr. Abeer Al Bawab, and General Manager of Jordan Chamber of Industry, Dr. Maher Mahrouq, in addition to members of the Chamber.

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