Infectious Disease and Vaccine Center

مركز الأمراض المعدية والمطاعيم


In Jordan and the Arab region there exists no center that is dedicated to the study of infectious diseases in a comprehensive manner encompassing epidemiology, clinical manifestations, and identification of the infecting agent, treatment and prevention through immunization. While the need for increased capacity has been recognized and many graduates of microbiology have been engaged in research on infectious disease as part of their training at the different Jordanian institutions, the need for a center that is dedicated for the study of infectious disease events in a comprehensive manner became apparent following the MERS-C0V outbreak, where the first case was identified in Zarqa Jordan in April and went unrecognized for several months until the virus was identified in September.  In addition, the need for a center that can investigate and contain an infectious disease event in a timely manner is of more than academic interest since infectious diseases also have the potential of


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