Meningococcal Expert Forum

"Meningococcal Expert Forum" was held in Dubai from March 12-13, 2015.  During this meeting review of  the epidemiology of the meningococcal infections in the region was done.  In addition review of the different meningococcal vaccines was also made especially as these pertain to the conjugate vaccines which are used in children and the pure polysacharide vaccines which are in current use by the pilgrims to Saudi Arabia from  Jordan and the other Arab countries.

It was agreed that since it is difficult in the light of the scant bacteriologically proved cases to arrive at a definite recommendation to introduce meningococcal vaccines in the routine EPI,  further studies are needed so as to further elucidate the subject.   Collaborative studies are needed in order to determine the actual disease burden of this organism in the region as a whole since.  funding for such studies has to be sought if these will be using newer diagnostic tests such as PCR for proving the infection. "