Concept of the Incubator


One of the essential sections of the Innovation Center at the University of Jordan that contains all the administrative, technological and technical facilities which help innovators or creators to develop their ideas and their entrepreneurial projects to convert it from an idea to a business .

It provides them with services, support, consulting services and scientific assistance in the processes of developing the product, financing, management, organization and marketing strategies.

Business incubator works on enabling and empowering small business owners to identify their potentials and abilities to manage and establish their projects, to discover their creative potential and to translate their ideas into distinct productive projects. The duration of the project enrollment in the incubator varies between six months to three years depending on the type of project and its ability to complete its economic growth cycle.


Business Incubator Message

Develop creative ideas and transfer technology, into businesses and institutions that help and bring income to their owners by supporting creators and innovators and new entrepreneur

In order to provide a suitable and genuine environment for   Jordanians innovators, creators and owners of creative ideas   to develop their ideas and turn them into permanent productive projects in the Jordanian market to provide them with income.


Incubator projects:


1- Embrace outstanding graduation projects and develop them into a marketing product, which could be of qualitative and quantitative benefit at the level of Jordanian universities.


2-Embrace student’s creative and innovative ideas that could be of qualitative and quantitative benefit at the level of the university.

3-Training: train entrepreneurs on how to develop their performance in various fields through seminars and workshops in the incubator and abroad in coordination with companies and institutions.

4-Consultation: providing appropriate scientific advice to the owner of the project by giving a detailed picture of the project to develop ways and means to make it a successful, which is marketing, consultancy, technical, legal, production support.


5- Technical support:  Provide support for entrepreneurs to take advantage of other services available in all university facilities, meeting with engineers and owners of expertise and efficiency, as well as take advantage of the advisory and marketing, financial, legal, administrative and technical services.

6-Business services:  Provide support for entrepreneurs in the development of working plan and economic feasibility of the project, marketing and development strategies as well as the needs of the university and the market.

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