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}The center was established by decree from the Board of Trustees at the university by 2015 under the name of “University of Jordan Innovation Center” at the.
}Regulations were developed in 2016 and defined the objectives and role of the center.
}The name was later changed to become a “The University of Jordan Innovation and Entrepreneurship Center “by an amendment to the decree from the Board of Trustees to link Innovation to Entrepreneurship and economic development in mid-2016.
}Vision: To support innovation and entrepreneurship in the University and community in cooperation and integration with the public and private sector in an effort to foster innovation and entrepreneurship and create a generation capable making a real contribution to the sustainable economic development in Jordan.
}The Center operates from has a temporary location with 6 administrative staff.
}UJIEC is a newly established center that services 19 schools at University of Jordan, UJIEC offers entrepreneurs and innovators from the University and across the kingdom The following service:
}1- Pre-incubation services
}2- Startup funding 
}3- Mentorship services 
}4- Entrepreneurship Training and education
}5- Patent registration support services
}6- Networking Events

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