The Global Development Learning Network “Atheer” is established through financial support from the government of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan and the Government of Japan. The World Bank helped in all of its establishment. The section is part of a network linking Africa, Latin America and the Caribbean, Middle East and North Africa, Asia, Europe and North America. The GDLN, relying on ISDN communication technology, can provide live video conferencing, interactive classrooms and multimedia laboratory.

The GDLN at the University of Jordan, the first of its kind in the Kingdom mandated to provide e-learning capabilities by sharing experience with experts. GDLN is leading the way to a new global sharing of knowledge.

The Distance Learning Telecommunications network will provide a remote transfer of knowledge and tighter integration of educational outreach through multimedia communications. In utilizing efficiently and effectively modern telecommunication technology it provides “global service’ by linking the clients and appropriate knowledge recourses together in a world-wide distance learning network comprised of interactive electronic classrooms, internet facilities and international telecommunications circuits.

Mission Statement

The GDLN (Atheer) at the university of Jordan is part of a multi-channel, interactive network mandated to provide e-learning capabilities by sharing experience with experts, practitioners and decision makers, to all stakeholders in development.


1. Provides interactive learning capabilities to the participating countries across geographic and time barriers.

2. Provides a platform for sharing of real time experience on different issues of development among participating developing countries.

3. Develop Human Resources for the effective utilization of the ICT in Jordan

4. Disseminate and promote the effective utilization of ICT for education and Learning

5. Provide the opportunity for Jordanian policy makers and leaders to improve the Policymaking process through access to information and international discussions


Expected Outcomes of the UJ GDLN :                                       

1. The Jordanian government, as well as public and private institutions will rely on human resources for the planning, development and evaluation of the e-learning programs.

2. Jordanian government officials, planners, and business leaders will have access to the GDLN, WBI training programs and other relevant training programs.

3. The University of Jordan will be offering credit courses and non-credit programs by Distance Learning Media to UJ students and the general public, inside and outside Jordan. .