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Workshop on Materials in Jordan 10 – 11 April 2010
GMRP team has participated on the workshop on materials in Jordan which was held at Princess Sumaya University for Technology (PSUT), Amman, Jordan on 1 0 – 11 April, 2010. The first two presentations were invited talks offered by Prof. Dr. ir Jan Wastiels and Prof. Dr. Hani Khoury (Project promoters).

The presentations were related to the Belgium/Jordanian scientific collaboration. The ongoing research and the preliminary results were presented. The results of the ongoing research on geopolymerization research were presented by the GMRP research team.
The presented topics were: Presentation 1: "25 years of geo-(mineral) polymers, speaker; Speaker: Prof. Dr. ir. Jan Wastiels"
Presentation 2: "Geopolymers: New Products for Sustainability of the Environment" Speaker: Prof. Dr. Hani Khoury.
Presentation 3: "Mechanical Properties of the Jordanian Aluminosilicate Minerals Based Geopolymer" Speaker: Muayad Esaifan.
Presentation 4: "Dissolution of Jordanian Raw Materials in Alkaline Solutions" Speaker: Isalm Aldabsheh.
Presentation 5: "Characterization of the geopolymers produced from Hiswa clay, Jordan" Speaker: Faten Slaty