Center's Strategy



To be a leading and pioneering regional center in nanotechnology in various disciplines (such as health, environment and energy) and a reference for all researchers in these disciplines, and to provide solutions to the problems experienced by our society using nanotechnology in different fields.
• Provide the scientific and technical resources that are necessary for research on nanotechnology.
• Provide the opportunity for researchers to manufacture, characterize and use nanomaterials.
• Cooperate with the industrial sector in Jordan to increase knowledge and thus contribute to finding solutions to national problems in the fields of water, energy, environment and health
• Provide qualified and trained personnel to work in the field of nanotechnology
• Provide the necessary resources for graduate students in scientific faculties so that they can do their research in the laboratories of the Center.
• Cooperate with international bodies and regional universities to transfer and localize this advanced technology.
• Disseminate of community awareness regarding the environmental and health impacts of nanomaterials.

To conduct and support interdisciplinary research in nanotechnology, and promote interaction among researchers. In addition to providing easy access to modern high-performance equipment for research in nanotechnology. And to combine these resources with faculty members and experienced researchers in order to promote the exchange of such experience within the center.

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