Registration and fees


Applying and registering for our programs is easy.


All incoming students can register in our programs without the need of an acceptance letter. Students need to show up at the time of the registration period with the following documents:


Application / registration form

Two passport size photos

Photocopy of passport (photo and entry stamp pages only)

Fees in cash (in USD or equivalent Jordanian Dinars JOD)


Students who need proof of enrollment can submit the application via mail or email. All other students can register in person before the designated deadline.


To apply, please download and fully complete our application form (found on our website) and bring it with the other required documents during registration period.



Fall USD1800 (Or equivalent JOD)

Spring USD1800 (Or equivalent JOD)

Summer USD1200 (Or equivalent JOD)

Tailored courses USD60 per hour per group (Or equivalent JOD). If the number of students in a group exceeds 6 up to 16, additional USD7 per person will be added.

Quarter semester USD1600 (Or equivalent JOD)

Registration fee: USD50 every semester.



An Integrated language learning Environment

Language Center at the University of Jordan / Aqaba
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  • ... Student Mahmoud Qabaa / Postgraduate Studies

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