Center's Strategy


To create, develop and grow an Infectious Disease and Vaccine Center that brings together scientific and policy leadership locally and regionally, in a strong partnership with key international institutions to advance the health of children, adolescents, adults and the elderly through the study and understanding of infectious diseases, their epidemiology, their treatment and their control through vaccinology


The IDVC is designed to meet the following goals
1. To advance the health of people in Jordan and the region through the study and control of infectious disease and vaccine sciences.
2. To develop a state of the art diagnostic capability for infectious diseases utilizing the most up to date methods with the aim of rapid and timely identification of infectious agents.
3.  To nurture regional capacity in vaccine development, manufacture, clinical trial testing, and public health evaluation of vaccine impact.
4. To build regional capacity in public policy planning, based on decision analysis modeling incorporating cost-effectiveness principles and regional priorities


To conduct clinical, laboratory, and policy research to advance appropriate use of drugs in the treatment of infectious disease among children and adults of all ages, to control infectious diseases and prevent them, and by the development of vaccines