Training Program in Nanotechnology


Week #

Theoretical part

Experimental part


·   Introduction on nanotechnology and nanomaterials 

·   Nanomaterials preparation techniques and functionalization

·      Preparation of nanoparticles using chemical methods

·      Preparation of nanoparticles using green methods


·   Nanomaterials characterization techniques

·   Nanomaterials applications

·      Functionalization of nanomaterials (nanoclay, Carbon nanotubes)

·      Characterization of nanomaterials



  • Facilities to be trained on (for characterization  at The Nanotechnology Center : FTIR, UV-vis spectroscopy, HPLC, compression molding, ten​sile testing.
  • Facilities to be used for characterization at UJ: Zeta-sizer, SEM, XRD


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