Director Speech

I am pleased to welcome you to the website of the Nanotechnology Center, which was established in 2017 based on the university's strategic objectives in creating a stimulating research environment to build partnerships that achieve the goals of sustainable development and enhance the culture of research tracks and teams inside and outside the university.


Nanotechnology is a fertile field for knowledge competition in the world and is the most prominent feature in the history of human science so far, and that this technology will change human life for the better and will soon be able to affect the areas of life in a way that exceeds imagination.


The center seeks to promote scientific research at the university by encouraging and supporting serious research and innovation in the fields of medicine, engineering and science that serve the needs of sustainable development in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, facilitating procedures related to scientific research and providing research and training needs for researchers from faculty members and students, in addition to cooperation in the industry sector to develop innovative local industries in the field of nanotechnologies to increase the rate of economic growth and improve investment.


The team at the Nanotechnology Center is there to help and answer the inquiries of those interested in scientific research and we offer the opportunity for researchers to characterize and use nanomaterials in different applications. Our researchers are from different scientific backgrounds, such as medical, engineering and basic sciences. Working together in one place leads to the exchange of experiences, in addition to using their expertise in modern technology to solve national problems in the fields of water, energy, environment and health. As a research center at the University of Jordan, we encourage students to be part of our research teams by conducting their nanotechnology research projects in our laboratories. We welcome them and provide them with the necessary resources to run their projects.​

Dr. Nemat Rababah

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