Patents from 2006-2012

A total of 10 patents and 5 copyrights have been developed in the period 2006-2012


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Use of  Ethosuximide for the Treatment of Wounds

Jordan Patent 2619/ 2009

Jordan Patent / 2012

M. O. Taha, D. Ajwee, A. Disi, E. Qunaibi


Use of Phenobarbital for the Treatment of  Wounds

Jordan Patent 2620/ 2009

Jordan Patent / 2012

A. Disi, D. Ajwee, M. O. Taha, E. Qunaibi


A Process for the Production of Pure Zeolite 4A from Raw Kaolinite

JO 2632

Jordan Patent/ 2011

H. Hodali, H. Khoury


Use of Arbutus Plant Extracts for Treating Viral and Microbial Infections



M. O. Taha


Antibacterial Agents

European Patent 1 721 898 A1/ 2004

European Patent Application, application No. 06 252 509.2/ 2006

Ali M. Qaisi, Yusuf M. Al-Hiari*, Jalal A. Zahra, and Mustafa M. El-Abadelah,


Anticancer and Antibacterial Agents


GB UKPatent Applicaton GB 2442 951 A/ 2008

UK- British Patent Application; No 0615915.6, 10 / 2011

Y. Al-Hiari, A. Qaisi, J. A. Zahra, M. M. El-Abadelah  M. R. Hassuneh


Aptamers as jak2 kinase inhibitors

Jordan Patent 2535/ 2008

Jordan Patent/ 2010

M.  O. Taha, S. Ismail


Pyrido [2,3-f] Lquinoxalirio-8-Carboxylic Acid Derivatives and their Isomeric Pyrido [2-3-g] quinoxalines

Jordan Patent 2323/ 2005

Jordan Patent/ 2006

A. M. Qaisi, Y. M. Al-Hiari, J. A Zahra, M. R. Hassuneh, M. M. El- Abadelah


[a]- Fused Heterocyclic- Pyrido [2,3-f]Quinoxaline-2-Carboxylic Acid Derivatives and their Pyrido [3,2-g] Analogs, a Process for their Preparation and uses as Anticancer and Antibacterial Agents

Jordan Patent 2345/ 2005

Jordan Patent/ 2006

Y. M. Al-Hiari, A. M. Qaisi,  J. A. Zahra, M. Hassuneh, M. M. El- Abadelah



Gudella Tourniforiil. A Native Jordanian Edible Plant to Control Nematodes

Jordan Patent 2344 / 2005

Jordan Patent/ 2006

T. A. Aburijai, L.  Al-Banna, R. Darwish

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