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Biostimulants for sustainable

​Dora Agri is the leading company concentrating on researching and promoting natural organic biostimulants products for sustainable agriculture/ horticulture.

Dora agriculture biostimulant are designed based on natural active ingredients to support plants when they need specific physiological responses. Biological stimulants are developed through a lot of research and innovation, aiming to bring maximum vitality, yield, and quality to crops.

Why Choose Biostimulants

Biological stimulants play a vital role in modern agriculture as a supplement to crop protection, soil amendment, and nutritional strategies. The use of natural stimulants in agriculture can solve some of the low-efficiency problems in the existing system, and therefore has multiple benefits.

Agrobiostimulants are biological or biogenic fertilizer additives and similar products used in crop production to enhance plant growth, health, and productivity. Purpose of Plant Biostimulants:

Helps improve nutrient utilization efficiency;

Helps plants tolerate abiotic stresses, such as high temperature, cold, drought, and too much water;

Helps improve quality attributes such as nutrients, appearance, and shelf life.​


speed inline

Your partner in fitness, dancing, or speeding is a pair of < a href="" rel="dofollow">inline roller skates</ a>. Watching people, gliding through road, parks, and school gym may amaze you. You can cruise on roads with speed and enjoy a perfect and smooth glide. Before challenging yourself, you need a practice of inline roller skating. This detailed article entails every inch of information to practice inline skating according to your preferences.


Roller skating is an art of balancing the body on wheels. Since they launched in the market, they are famous and becoming a fashion symbol for all ages, especially youth.

Roller skating is recognized as a perfect sport and relaxing technique while exercising professionally or recreationally. Inline skating is of many types, Such as sports, speed, recreational, or freestyle skating.

  How skaters handle skates?  Balancing body on wheels and gliding smoothly definitely a science. The answer may surprise you, inline skating is art and science at a time.

How better you balance the body is a science and how smoothly you glide is an art. If you are new in inline skating practice make you a pro, you just need patience and right pair of beginners inline roller skates with essential gear. You can buy best inline skates from Inlineskatelover.

Let’s start and see what we need to begin practice.


Table of content

1. Choose the right size and style of inline skates

2. Choose the right protective gear

3. How to practice inline skating

             3.1. Standing and balancing

             3.2.Walking with inline skates

             3.3. Start gliding slowly

             3.4. Maintain the body posture

             3.5. A balance between Legs is must

             3.6. Keep practicing

             3.7.Use the brakes

4. Enjoy the Process of learning

5. Where to practice inline skating

6. Common mistakes of beginners inline skaters while practicing

              6.1. Choosing the wrong size of inline rollerblades