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Hamdi Mango Center for Scientific Research (HMCSR) is a unique multidisciplinary research center devoted to conducting supporting and encouraging different fields of scientific research and transforming it to applied science and engineering projects. We strive to narrow the gap between academia and industry by facilitating and promoting cooperation between the two sectors and providing a platform for joint projects.

To achieve these goals, HMCSR host various companies and institutions to present their recent research advances through workshops and lectures to the local researchers and community. In addition, we support faculty members and researchers to conduct their scientific research in the fields of material science and nanotechnology, plant biotechnology, cell culture, pharmaceutical solution and drug discovery. In addition, we have establish central laboratories equipped with the latest technology and made them available to all researchers. Because reward is part of success, HMCSR offers Ali Mango and Samia Mango awards for distinguished researchers. the plan in our center is to accelerate the pace of scientific progress by generating research over the few coming years that will have the greatest public impact and continue to fuel fund for scientific research.

Prof. Dr. Mahmoud Al-Hussein
Director, Hamdi Mango Center for Scientific Research
Professor of Materials Physics
The University of Jordan