Center's Strategy


The center seeks to enable the University of Jordan to join the movement of open educational resources through the use of information and communications technology and adopt open educational practices to raise the quality of education, reduce its cost, increase its efficiency, and transfer or shift to student-centered learning effectively.


Excellence in joining the open educational movement on a regional and global level.

 The center seeks to keep pace with the global activity related to open educational resource practices through the use of information and communication technology systems to raise the quality of education, increase its efficiency, reduce its cost, and shift to student-centered learning effectively.

  1. ​Providing an integrated educational system that depends on  modern technologies and supports the process of transition to student-centered learning.
  2. Capacity building, enhancing competencies, supporting individual initiatives, and raising awareness among faculty, students, and the local community with respect to blended learning and open educational resources.
  3. Producing advanced educational materials and programs using the latest technology that can be shared locally, regionally and globally.
  4. Collaborating with national and regional higher education institutions in a way that supports and enhances the principle of participation and cooperation among them to develop open educational resources by enhancing the capabilities of scientific research and encouraging studies in this field.

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