1-NextSeq 550:
The NextSeq 550 is a high-throughput DNA sequencing instrument developed by Illumina. 

It is designed to perform a wide range of sequencing applications, including whole-exome sequencing and targeted sequencing. This instrument technology is based on fluorescently labeled nucleotides which is incorporated into DNA strands to generate sequencing data.

The MiSeq is a DNA sequencer developed by Illumina. It is designed for smaller-scale sequencing projects, offering quick and cost-effective solutions for applications such as targeted gene sequencing, amplicon sequencing and metagenomics. This instrument technology is based on fluorescently labeled nucleotides.

3-S5 Prime:
The S5 Prime is a DNA sequencing system developed by Thermo Fisher Scientific. It is part of the Ion Torrent sequencing platform. The Ion Torrent technology works by detecting changes in pH as nucleotides are incorporated into a growing DNA strand. It is capable of handling a wide range of applications, including targeted sequencing and microbial genomics.