To be recognized as a center of excellence that develops and provides cost-effective solutions for the current and emerging environmental challenges on local and regional levels.
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The Water, Energy and Environment Center (WEEC) is dedicated to promote excellence in water-energy-environment nexus research and education for the past 35 years – a period of dizzying economic, social, and environmental change. We accomplish this mission through:  Supporting the decision making by providing integrative knowledge that bridge between science and policies  Undertaking of integrated research through partnerships that create collaborative research enterprise between academia, testing laboratories, industry, and government.  Advancing of fundamental knowledge on renewable energies and energy efficiency in water and wastewater utilities.  Exploiting of productive synergies among water and energy systems to achieve lower carbon footprint and higher GHGs emissions reduction  Offering of feasible waste-to-energy investment projects  Conducting of waterborne microbial risk assessment, testing, and disinfection activities throughout outbreaks.
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Water, Energy and Environment Center

"We have made ​​from water every living thing"(21:33)

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