In the context of the huge stresses imposed on Jordan’s urban areas and fragile water and energy resources, Jordan has developed master plans and national strategies with a clear overarching focus on climate-resilient and sustainable development, and a strive for resource efficiency in all aspects of planning and investments. The Water, Energy and Environment Center (WEEC) undertakes project research and assessment studies to address environmental challenges at local and regional levels. The successive influxes of refugees into Jordan and the range of issues associated with environmental protection will pose formidable challenges in the years to come. Solid waste management, water security, energy demand and security, climate change, water management, persistent organic pollutants, chemical use and hazardous waste disposal are only some of the many issues Jordan will confront. Established in early of 1980s, WEEC conducts integrated research through partnerships that create collaborative research enterprise between academia, testing laboratories, industry, and government. We have outstanding community of WEE researchers and accredited labs’ supervisors at the campus who think beyond the current paradigms. Hence, we will continue to build on the previous experiences by disseminating the knowledge in water, energy and environment research issues. We are streamlining our operations in line with the national strategies and master plans, and targeting new tasks that build toward effective decision support system. Currently, we at WEEC are equipped to deal with Legionella and other water-borne contamination in water resources through our professional disinfection team and testing labs specialists. As always, let us know what you need and how we can help, so that together we can continue to advance our exceptional programs in water, energy and environmental research.

Water, Energy and Environment Center

"We have made ​​from water every living thing"(21:33)

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