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The University of Jordan, in its continuous quest for globalization and keeping abreast of the latest information and communications technology in the field of education and the dissemination of knowledge, had to create an open educational resource center to move from traditional methods of education to broader fields that allow students to benefit from the information and human knowledge revolution Which is witnessing an unprecedented acceleration at the regional and global levels.
The center aims to expand the content of the courses offered by the university to its students in various disciplines, and keep pace with the global activity related to open educational resource practices through the use of information and communication technology systems to raise the quality of education, increase its efficiency, reduce its cost, and shift to student-centered learning effectively.
 The center aims to increase awareness of the Jordanian educational community, develop capabilities and build capabilities and competencies for lecturers in higher education institutions through what the center provides of the means, information and experiences that secure them to use open educational resources in the educational process.
The Center strives to develop an effective intellectual property management system in both public and higher education institutions, and to build a network of these institutions to enhance cooperation among them, support effective participation, and stimulate individual, community, national and institutional initiatives.
The center is working on building a national central digital repository for open educational resources, in addition to that the learning resources at the center will be available for faculty members, researchers, university students, school students and interested community members to take advantage of information and spread knowledge on topics that concern them.
In order to provide the best educational and excellence services in using the latest findings of modernity in this field, the center emphasizes supporting and sustaining partnership with its counterparts in developed countries to access the latest information and data in various academic and scientific disciplines.

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