A delegation from the University of Anbar in Iraq visited HMCSR

​A delegation from the college of agriculture at the University of Anbar in Iraq visited the college of agriculture at The University of Jordan to activate cooperation frameworks between the two universities. The delegation, consisting of the Dean of the College of Agriculture, Dr. Idham Ali; his Deputy for Scientific Affairs, Dr. Muhammad Hamdan; and the Head of the Animal Production Department, Dr. Dhafer Thabet, toured the college’s facilities, laboratories, and departments. They also received detailed explanations about the ongoing research at the laboratories.
Additionally, the delegation visited Hamdi Mango Center for Scientific Research in the presence of the center’s director, Dr. Rida Shibli Al-Khawaldeh, and several of the center’s researchers. During the tour of the center’s facilities and laboratories, Dr. Al-Khawaldeh provided an overview of the center units, highlighting the nature and diversity of the ongoing research at its laboratories. He also welcomed researchers from various local, Arab, and international universities and institutes to establish collaboration with the center. Dr. Al-Khawaldeh emphasized the need for increased cooperation and networking between the center and researchers at the college of agriculture at Anbar University, in all disciplines.