Molecular Microbiology Laboratory
 The main interests of the laboratory are bacterial interaction with its host mainly with plant, microbe-microbe interaction, bacterial resistant mechanism via so-called multidrug efflux pumps. In addition to bacterial protein secretion systems, bacterial population structure and bioactive compounds from microbe, plants and microalgae.


Main Instruments:

· Nanospectrophotometer

· Spectrophotometer

· Gene pulser

· Concentrator


Services Provided :

· Bacterial isolation from different environmental sources.

· Bacterial cultivation and estimation of growth curve.

· Bacterial detection by serological and molecular techniques.

· Bacterial Identification of unknown bacteria by molecular and traditional techniques.

· Bioinformatic analysis by vector NTI software and DNAS-TAR lasergene.

· Genomic DNA isolation and plasmid isolation.

· Gene transformation by electro and chemical poration and conjugation.

· Antagonistic assay of beneficiary bacteria against pathogenic bacteria.

· Antimicrobial activity of medicinal plant extracts.

· Extraction of bioactive compound(s) from bacterial culture.