Plant Molecular Genetics Laboratory
The main interest of this laboratory is to do research related to the enhancement of drought tolerance in different plant species, improvement of plant resistance against pathogens and using different approaches of molecular breeding to enhance yield in different plant species especially barley and wheat. Furthermore, genetic diversity and population structure of locally collected plants studies are done.


Main Instruments:

· DNA Analyzer (Li-COR)

· Real Time PCR

· High Resolution Gel electrophoresis

· Tissue Lyzer II

· Fluorescent Microscope

· Bio Analyzer

· Micro-Pulser

Services Provided:

· DNA Isolation and Quantification.

· Polymerase Chain Reaction.

· Gene Expression Using Real Time PCR.

· Genetic Diversity Using Li-COR system or High Resolution Gel Electrophoresis.

· Molecular Markers (AFLP, SSR, ISSR, RAPD and SNPs) and its Applications in Plant Breeding Programs.