Animal House


The animal house comprises two temperature-controlled breeding rooms with a negative pressure system, five laboratories and a laboratory with a pool for fish or frog experiments. Mice and Albino rats (cd-1 strain) are the most commonly used model.


Examples of some of the in vivo studies running in the facility:

· Experiments that are related to the treatment of Alzheimer's dementia

· Special memory and neural proliferation after treatment with chemotherapeutic drugs (Doxorubicin).

· Assessing the outcomes of combining a range of opioids and cannabinoids that are sufficient to produce anti-nociception without producing unwanted side effects.

· Studying the effect of specific nanoparticles as eye drop to treat corneal inflammation after eye lens implantation or laser treatment in rabbits.

· Studying the effect of some plant extracts on diabetes, rat gut microbiota, treatment of burns, healing of wounds and wound inflammation.

Services Provided:

· In vivo wound healing and burns experiments.

· Animal breading and handling,

· Eye, tail and blood sampling.

· Body fluid collection.

· Anatomy.​

Infectious disease experiments are strictly prohibited