Honoring the winners of the 2020 Ali and Samia Mango Awards

Under the patronage of his excellency Professor Adnan Badran – chairman of the board of trustees of the University of Jordan – Hamdi Mango Center for Scientific Research (HMCSR) held awards ceremony for the 2020 Ali and Samia Mango awards for distinguished researchers on Thursday, January 6th 2022. The winners of the four awards are as follows: 

  1. The 2020 Ali Mango award for distinguished researcher in scientific schools (engineering and agriculture) was won by Dr. Saud Al-Thneibat from the school of engineering at Al Hussein Bin Talal University. 
  2. The 2020 Ali Mango award for distinguished researcher in medical schools was won by Dr. Youssef Khader from the school of medicine at the Jordan University of Science and Technology. 
  3. The 2020 Samia Mango Award for female distinguished researcher was won by Dr. Dima Sabbah, from the school of pharmacy at Al-Zaytoonah University of Jordan. 
  4. The 2020 Ali Mango award for postgraduate students was won by Dr. Dima Mahmoud Suleiman from Princess Sumaya University for Technology. 
In his opening speech, Prof. Mahmoud Al-Hussein, the director of HMCSR, pointed out that these awards come as an appreciation from the center for the distinguished researchers working at the Jordanian universities and research centers to encourage them and all other researchers in order to enrich the academic knowledge. Prof Al-Hussein stressed that the HMCSR center is seeking to provide the support and appropriate research environment for all researchers and research students at the University of Jordan to conduct applied research in various scientific disciplines. 

In his turn, the president of the University of Jordan, Prof. Nathir Obeidat, said that the awards ceremony comes as appreciation of their efforts to promote scientific research by conducting distinguished research activities that are acknowledged by HMCSR and the University of Jordan. He emphasized the role of scientific research in contributing to making the world closer to living in peace, security and prosperity. 

Prof. Adnan Badran in his turn congratulated the distinguished researchers who have won the 2020 Ali and Samia Mango awards for adding new knowledge and urged them to present solutions to contemporary problems. He called for motivating the researchers who can promote science and technology in order to become a life style that transforms Jordan from a society that consumes and retraces knowledge to a society that produces knowledge through creative thoughts. 

​The winners for the 2020 Ali Mango Award for Scientific Fields are The ceremony was concluded by a poster session that ex​hibited some of the scientific research conducted at the HMCSR's laboratories.



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