Dr.Mahmoud Abualhaija
Dr.Mahmoud Abualhaija Puplications.pdf    
Prof.Abbas Alomari
Prof. Abbas Al-Omari Puplications.pdf    
Dr.Maha Halalsheh
Dr. Maha Halasheh Puplications.pdf    
Dr.Maisaa Shammout
Dr. Maisa'a Shammout Puplications.pdf    
Dr.Arwa Hamaideh
Dr.Arwa Hamaideh Puplications.pdf    
Dr.Lina Abu-Ghunmi
Dr.Lina Abu-Ghunmi Puplications.pdf    
Dr.Alsharifa Hind Mohammad
Dr. Hind Mohammad Puplications.pdf    
Dr.Marwan A-Raggad
Dr. Marwan Al-Raggad Puplications.pdf    
Dr.Nivin Ihsan Alami
Dr.Nivin Ihsan Al-Alami Puplications.pdf    

Water, Energy, and Environment Center

"We have made ​​from water every living thing"(21:33)