Research Policy

  “In order to promote water environment research and research on water infrastructure in super-smart societies based on international common goals such as SDG6 “Clean Water and Sanitation” and SDG11 “Sustainable Cities and Communities”, we promote cutting-edges research in a cross-disciplinary and agile manners on

-         Development of water quality control technology and new material

-         Water system management such as sewer infrastructure development and urban flood risk management

-         International water environment issues related to water and sanitation


To achieve our activities, we strengthen collaborative networks with researchers fin the filed of water and promote joint research with water business and industry. Furthermore, we aim to become a core center in the field of water and environment, such as making recommendations to water sector of future initiatives.”

I believe that developing a policy for the center is not relevant. I would rather suggest to address the center of accreditation and quality assurance center to discuss with them what is meant by research center policy.

It might be important to set a meeting with them with MoM. Otherwise, we might contact them officially and wait for their response.​


Water, Energy, and Environment Center

"We have made ​​from water every living thing"(21:33)