IWRM master program

Integrated Water Resources Management- a Bicultural Master Program

The overall objective of the program was to educate experts in the field of Integrated Water Resource Management who will hopefully get leading positions in the water sector and are able to manage complex projects for international institutions and companies operating in the Arab region. Additionally, the program promoted German-Arab networking in the field of IWRM (students, alumni, professors, institutions and partners).

The BMZ funded a project “Integrated Water Resources Management” starting 2006 and for six years. The project was extended with the support of DAAD and GIZ and by the BMZ for additional three years starting from November 1st 2011 and ending on December 31st 2014. The program was also able to get additional scholarships for Yemeni trainees through OFID. Since its establishment, the program received between 13 to 20 students each year from Arab World and Germany with full scholarships to conduct their studies through three semesters. The students spent the first semester in Amman-Jordan, while the second semester was conducted in Cologne-Germany. The third semester was allocated for the thesis and students were highly encouraged to conducted the research in their home countries. The program was marketed in several international events and gained a very good reputation. Moreover, many different activities accompanied the program including lecturers’ seminars, Amman-Cologne symposia, and participation in international conferences in addition to regular participation in the Arab Water Week.

Almost 80% of the program graduates had positions in the job market including ministries of water in Egypt, Yemen, Jordan and the Palestinian Water Authority; Water Resources Research Institutes; NGOs; private consulting companies; international organizations; and universities.




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"We have made ​​from water every living thing"(21:33)