Center's Strategy


1.            Conducting researches and academic studies on women and gender-related issues.

2.            Awarding academic degrees in Women’s Studies.

3.            Offering consultations and training programs for foundations that deals with women’s issues.

4.            Providing community service in the field of Women’s Studies.

5. Signing (MoUs) and conducting collaborative studies in the area

of research as well as exchanging information and experiences

with similar centers and entities inside and outside of Jordan.

6. Creating database and information about women’s issues.

7. Building a communication network with the local, regional,

and international organizations in women-related fields.

8. Holding and participating in local and international conferences.


• Executing the vision of The University of Jordan by providing a specialized staff in Women Studies to contribute in developing and promoting the role of women in all levels.

• Enabling Master students in Women Studies to deal with the scientific research resources through the courses offered and that are related to women in the legal, political, social, economical, psychological, cultural and educational fields and the Media.

• Acquiring students the research skills related to research evaluation and statistical analysis.

• Training students to conduct research and studies related to women and their role in public life.

• Conducting periodic training courses in issues that are demanded by the job market and that will contribute in promoting the graduate student's knowledge and develop his skills in project management, communication skills and foreign languages for example.

 • Conducting scientific seminars.

 • Communicating with students through quarterly meetings to exchange opinions and suggestions.


Future visions:

1-      Encouraging quantitative research and attracting researchers from Jordan and other countries.

2-      Strengthening the collaboration with all governmental and non-governmental entities which are interested in empowering Jordanian women.

3-      Contacting international, regional and local supporting parties to achieve the objectives of the center in a continuous manner.

4-      Attracting qualified people who have practical experience in the field of Jordanian women's empowerment.

5-      Creating a local, regional, and international database of women.

6-      Completing the preparation of a specialized library in women’s studies and research.