Course Description
expand  (2101701) Concepts in Women’s studies
expand  (2101702) Contemporary gender issues
The course deals with issues and problems of Gender by identifying the scale of the problem, its causes, the factors influencing these problems, and the obstacles that limit finding resolutions for these problems such as those of family issues (early marriage, divorce, elderly, women with special needs), economic issues (poverty, high rate of unemployment among women, the impact of the global financial crisis on women), human security issues ( The security of Arab women from a cultural perspective, globalization and women status in the Middle East, women and armed conflict, women and migration) and issues of violence against women ( physical, verbal, sexual harassment, health and violence) by using the tools of Gender analysis  such as the use of ( SWOT Analysis ) which helps students  to understand deeply the problem aspects, accommodate the options, solutions and opportunities for women to influence the Gender issues and future directions for the progress and advancement of women.  
expand  (2101703) Scientific Research Methods
expand  (2101704) Woman in Law
This course aims to introduce law theories of women's rights and the application in the international law and the Jordanian law.  This is obtained through studying different courses, being exposed to the historical development of human rights in general and women's rights in particular, and comparing women's rights in the west with those of Arab and Jordanian women.  CEDAW agreement will also be analyzed along with the Arab countries reservation on it in general and Jordanian reservations in particular. It also aims to analyze women's status in the Jordanian legislations starting from the Jordanian Constitution through other constitutions like the punishment, court, election, civil, work, nationality, and social security laws will all be focused on.  Introducing women's status under these laws and offering suggestions as to improving any such status will also be highlighted. 
expand  (2101705) Feminist Theory
expand  (2101706) Women’s Health
The course deals with concepts pertaining to women's health and with learning and teaching methods reinforcing health education.  It also defines anatomical and physical changes along with female-specific social, psychological, and physical needs in the different age stages.  In addition, this course defines "family violence" and its impact on women's health, and introduces the Jordanian health system and other health services offered by the Jordanian society. Moreover, this course aims to introduce students to women’s psychology through viewing the main theoretical trends in psychology in addition to identify theoretical trends that explain gender theory and its relation to women’s psychology. It also aims to define the culture and its importance in forming social roles of individuals, especially women’s roles and what results from that of psychological aspects in women’s daily behaviors and working women behaviors and women within the family as a wife and a mother.
expand  (2101707) Gender and Sustainable Development
expand  (2101708) Women and Business
This course deals with the role of women in the economy, the economic and social impacts on the personal and the community levels, this course includes a number of key topics including: general introduction to the theory of economics with a focus on some of the concepts and related simplified analysis such as: market, supply and demand, benefit, and production cost and market structure. It also includes measurement of income and gross domestic product (cash, real and related inflation in prices, as well as the formal and informal output, consumption, savings, lending, borrowing, investment, the external sector and the role of government in the economy.
The course covers another important aspect is the economics of work and decisions of women's work, in terms of historical development and changes in the contribution of the labor force, and the principle of specialization and division of labor, the appreciation of the work of women (as a mother and a housewife), and the labor market and all the related gender discrimination in employment, wages and other benefits.
Also, presenting the reality of the Jordanian women working in relationship with the traditional principals and values as well as education, the general economic situation, the challenges of globalization and the financial and economic crisis.
It also includes some practical issues to be a study which aims to empower women economically in Jordan such as: How to start a small business? Economic feasibility of projects and how to prepare the budget, also the role of small and micro-finance projects, and opportunities for home-based business and other emerging topics.
expand  (2101710) Women and politics
expand  (2101711) Women in Mass Media and Communication

The course deals with the role of media and communication and their impact on conjuring stereotypical images of women.  It exposes the power that mass media and communication can exert on reinforcing the above images and /or diminishing them to enable women's empowerment in the different political, social and economic fields.  Raising consciousness as regards the roles that mass media and communication can play to improve women's status in light of globalization is also underscored.


expand  (2101712) The Image of Women in literature and Culture
expand  (2101713) Social Theories from a Gendered Perspective
This course offers main social theories through different historical eras including those theories that tackled women issues and gender concepts. It also deals with studying different dimensions for women’s existence and absence in these theories with the concentration on the importance of the privacy of each culture in dealing with gender concepts.
expand  (2101714) Statistical Analysis from a Gendered Perspective
expand  (2101716) Women in History
This course deals with the systematic study of novels historians ancient such Tabari and Mas'udi and Albulatheri and Ibn Khaldun about women in their history, both quantitatively and qualitatively and their attitude towards their role in the manifestations of civilization multiple (economic, social, intellectual and political) for access to a correct installation of the presence of women in the movement of civilization for those appearances all activities where .
expand  (2101718) Special Topic in Women's Studies
expand  2101715) Women's Human Rights and Human Security
This course highlights the main concepts concerning human security from a feminist perspective. Also, this course aims to reflect on women's experiences during non humanitarian circumstances such as wars and armed and non armed conflicts. Moreover, this course aims to emphasize women role in peace and its reflection on her and on worldwide development .On the other hand, the course deals with the human security influence in the women's economic, social, political, and cultural status.  National policies and strategies as well as international conventions dealing with human security are also a core element of this course.