Message from the Director

Dr.Abeer Dababneh


Dr.Abeer Dababneh

Director of The Center for Women's Studies  


  The Center for Women's Studies would like to take this opportunity to welcome you. Upon Her Royal Highness Princess Basma's will, our institution was founded in 1998 as an academic program within the Faculty of Graduate Studies. The Program grew to become a department, and in 2006, the department became an independent Center within the University of Jordan that has its own vision, mission, and objectives.


      Our Master’s program in Women’s Studies is a distinguished  interdisciplinary program. The fundamental goal of our program is to understand the broad range of women's experiences that reflect class, race, ethnicity, disability, age, and the interconnections that shape these experiences in specific ways.


      Our Center aims to enhance students to think critically about the political, social, economic, and historical forces that shape women's lives, encourage quality  feminist research attract qualified people who have practical experience in the field of Arab and Jordanian women's empowerment,and strengthening networking with governmental and non –governmental  human rights foundation to exchange experiences.


We invite you to register in our distinguished program in Women’s Studies.


For more information on courses, students, activities, and faculty, kindly  explore this website .


Contact information :

Tel. +962 6 5355000 (Ext. 23940)

Fax. +962 6 5300437