A panel discussion in UJ / culture of entrepreneurship and innovation

In coordination with the US Embassy, UJIEC ​​hosted the Director of Information Technology Review Department at Wayne University in Detroit Mrs. Jamman Dawlah Al-Omari in a panel session regarding the culture of entrepreneurship and innovation, business plans and creative ideas presentation techniques.

The session was held at  Zinc creativity platform, which was attended by a number of university students, Al-Omari discussed successful business plans and effective techniques in presenting creative ideas, factors that contribute to success of business projects and difficulties facing the owners of innovative ideas.

In her speech, she presented some bright milestones in her personal experience in business field, and she pointed obstacles that nearly limit her ambition and future plans were it not for her persistence and perseverance to overcome them and find successful solutions.

Al-Omari stressed the pioneering role of Jordanian youth in proposing creative ideas and transforming them into productive projects, and encouraged them to work to enhance their skills and abilities and upgrade them, and determination to develop their ideas, implement their initiatives and turn them into a tangible creative reality.

Al-Omari expressed her happiness at the distinguished role that the center plays by hosting the elite of local, Arab and even international pioneering personalities within dialogue sessions and open meetings with students to benefit from their scientific and practical experiences that were full of lessons. which contributes to create an innovative and pioneering generation capable of creativity and production.

The dialogue session included presentations by the Jordanian students of different models of creative and innovative projects that they worked on under the supervision and support of UJIEC.

Dr. Diala Al-Tarawneh the Assistant Director of UJIEC,  praised the guest, noting her journey full of accomplishments and unique experiences that she passed through to support business, entrepreneurship and women, especially as she was the former president and current executive board member of the American Arab Women Business Council.

11 Jul, 2018

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