To reach an innovative and entrepreneurial university community capable of making a real contribution to accomplish a sustainable economic development.
To promote the level of innovation, creativity and entrepreneurship, enhance the capabilities of the university community to compete through providing a stimulating and nurturing entrepreneurial ideas and innovative projects, to create development and growth by working on developing innovative skills of academics and students and help them to establish their entrepreneurial projects in cooperation with government and private sectors in different spectrum of business
Strategic goals
  • To spread and anchor the culture of innovation, Entrepreneurship and excellence at the university.
  • To develop the skills and abilities of innovation, leadership, creativity and technology transfer among students, faculty members and society.
  • To provide financial resources and support services, including financial, administrative and technical support, in cooperation with all internal and external parties.
  • Establishing, managing and developing business incubators and, general and specialized technological laboratories of excellence at the university in cooperation with all parties. in addition to Stimulating investment in entrepreneurial, innovative, creative and technology transfer projects.
  • Develop effective local, Arab and international strategic partnerships and relationships.

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