Course FeesHoursPeriodStart Date  
Introduction to Internet of Things5015 يوم  10/10/2020 
Feasibility studies3010 ايام  9/10/2020 
Sales and Marketing Skills3010 ايام  8/11/2020 
Development of Prototypes and Business Plans3010 ايام  7/9/2020 
Options and strategies for financing projects3010 ايام  6/10/2020 
Writing innovative and Entrepreneurial project proposals3010 ايام  5/3/2020 
Skills of pitching entrepreneurial projects3010 ايام 5/1/2020 
Creative thinking skills910 ايام  4/10/2020 
Communication Skills3010 ايام  3/10/2020 
Innovation and Entrepreneurship2710 ايام  3/1/2020 
Preparation of financial statements3010 ايام 2/10/2020 
The art of creativity in Arabic calligraphy30شهر 2/16/2018 

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