Business incubator " BI"
Technological incubator "TI"

we help startups to grow and succeed by providing free workspace, mentorship, expertise, and access to investors, in the incubator, we offer a program, the entrepreneur must apply, be accepted, and then follow a schedule to meet the criteria set by the incubator. In addition to committing to a length of time to be a part of the incubator, typically one to two years.

What we do:

Major activities

  • Business Plan assistance
  • Help entrepreneurs to Launch Businesses
  • seed funding

common incubator services

  • Help with business basics
  • ​Networking activities
  • Marketing assistance
  • High-speed Internet access
  • Help with accounting/financial management (mentorship assistance)
  • Help with presentation skills
  • Links to strategic partners
  •  Access to angel investors or venture capital
  • business training programs as needed
  •  Management team identification
  •  Help with regulatory compliance
  • Referral to Intellectual property management assistance
Incubation Program

Start @ UJ
Start @ UJ is a semi-annual incubation program for entrepreneurial projects and ideas whether it comes from staff, faculty members, or students from UJ.
The program is held twice a year: The first call is in the fall semester (October) and the second one is in the spring semester (March), the program’s main goal is to encourage and motivate the community of UJ to consider setting up startups to serve and contribute to the development of the local economy.
Start @ UJ seeks to offer entrepreneurs from UJ the resources needed to start their journey. This includes pr-seed funding of up 5000 JDs along with technical support. Applicants who were eligible to join this program from students, professors, and administrative workers had the opportunity to join an intensive training boot camp that covers basic startup skills needed. After that, all the participating projects will be evaluated through a pitch competition that will be led by a third-party independent and distinguished jury.  
Procedure &Timeline
Criteria and Eligibility
The applicant should be:
1.     Faculty member, administrative worker, or student at the University of Jordan.
2.     The project should be applicable and financially viable.
3.     The project has not previously benefited from the same program.
4.     Adhere to the forms provided by the Center.
5.     Committed to attending the training provided by the Center.
6.     Committed to submitting periodic reports showing the progress of the project.
Detailed program procedures
  • Project applications are submitted online at the beginning of the launch of the program.
  • Project applications are screened and sorted by a committee, consisting of center staff and some private partners.
  • Shortlist is posted on the Centre's platforms andhortlist is posted on the Centre's platforms all filtered students are invited to extensive training at this stage.
  • Projects are presented to a jury committee which consists of entrepreneurship experts and a maximum of 10 projects are placed to benefit from the program.
  • Project financial support is distributed depending on specific fixed stages along with a progress report.
  • The incubatee will be under the supervision and mentorship of UJIEC for three months.
The incubated  projects will have :
1.     Logistics and financial support from UJIEC for 3 months.
2.     Financial grants that will be disbursed according to the laws and regulations of the University of Jordan as follows:
a.      1ST place 5000 JD.
b.     2ND place 4000 JD.
c.      3RD place 3000 JD.
d.     4TH place 2000 JD.
e.      5TH place – 10TH place 1000JD.
3.     An incubation certificate from UJIEC.
4.     Marketing, financial and legal consultation, and mentoring.
5.     Opportunity to find an external investor for the most mature projects.



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