About Us

The center was established by decree from the Board of Trustees at the university by 2015 under the name ofUniversity of Jordan Innovation Center.
  • Regulations were developed in 2016 and defined the objectives and role of the center.
  • The name was later changed to become The University of Jordan Innovation and Entrepreneurship Center “by an amendment to the decree from the Board of Trustees to link Innovation to Entrepreneurship and economic development in mid-2016.
  • Vision: To reach an innovative and entrepreneurial university community capable of making a real contribution to accomplish a sustainable economic development.
  • The Center operates with 6 administrative staff.
  • UJIEC services covering 19 schools at University of Jordan; UJIEC offers entrepreneurs and innovators from the University and across the kingdom the following services:
± Pre-incubation services
± Startup funding 
± Mentorship services 
± Entrepreneurship Training and education
± Patent registration support services
± Networking Events

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