Knee Project

Many people worldwide suffer from knee cartilage tissue loss referred to as degenerative articular cartilage injury. This disorder, if not treated, eventually leads to osteoarthritis (OA).

Articular lesions are still a major challenge in orthopedics because of cartilage’s poor healing properties. Traditional methods of articular cartilage regeneration are not satisfactory. One of the modern approaches to cartilage regeneration, by implantation of autologous Mesenchymal Stem Cells (MSCs), has recently gained considerable attention as an alternative and potential treatment option.


·        Treatment and restoration of the erosion of the articular cartilage in preterminal osteoarthritis disease patients, using autologous MSCs injection.

·        To compare between using autologous MSCs with and without Platelet Lysate.

·        To evaluate pain intensity score and clinical performance for patients before and after injection.

·        To assess cartilage building up and the primary defect size changes over one year follow up using a standard MRI.​ 


 Results of this project :

 1- We were able to develop a product for early and intermediate knee cartilage damage, which we tested on 48 patients and published the results of this work. We showed that the product is very effective in treating these cases. We are at a stage to make this product available on large scale for patients.

 2- Treatment of intermediate and early advanced cases of knee cartilage damage in knee osteoarthrosis by using bone marrow stem cells. We have just completed the study and it shows great success in the treated cases. We expect to make this product available to large number of patients within the coming few months. Its use in other joints will also be studied soon.​


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