University of Jordan Cell Therapy Center Regulations

Issued under Article (8) of the scientific centers system at the University of Jordan no. (15) for the year 1981

Article (1): 

These instructions are called "Cell Therapy Center Regulations", and shall come into force from the date of issuance.

Article (2): 

The following words wherever used in these instructions shall have the following meanings, unless the context indicates otherwise: -​

University: University of Jordan

Center: cell therapy center at the university

President: University president

Board: Center Board

Chairman of the Board: Chairman of the Center

Director: Director of the Center

Article (3): 

A center shall be established at the University of Jordan called "Cell Therapy Center".

Article (4):

The center is considered a unit of the University that is administratively and financially linked to the president.

Article (5): 

The center aims to achieve the following tasks:

A) Provide scientific and technical potential to produce autologous, non-autologous, genetically-modified human cells and non-human cells for clinical or research purposes.

B) Provide scientific research opportunities for doctors, scientists, and researchers at the university or outside in the fields of tissue engineering and stem cell biology.

C) Enhance the biological tissue engineering and semi-biological technologies transfer and development for the purposes of clinical uses.

D) Provide consultancy in the field of cell therapy and stem cell biology.

Article (6): 

The Board called for the Center (Center Board) consists of nine members, including the center's director, all of them appointed by the President after consultation with the Board of Deans for a renewable term of two years, and the president chooses the President of the Board.

Article (7): 

(I) The Board shall have the following Authorities :

A) Design the general policy of the center.​

B) Annually adopt the Center's work plan.​

C) Adopt  the research projects submitted to the Center.

D) Discuss the center's budget, and submit it to the President.​

E) Discuss the annual report of the center and its activities and submit it to the President.​

F) Do everything possible to support the center and its development.​

G) Any other relevant terms of reference to the center goals.​

(II) The Board shall meet at the invitation of its President at least once a month or whenever the need arises. The meeting should be legal attended by the majority of its members.

Article (8): 

The director is responsible for all the administration affairs of the center, so as to ensure the proper functioning of according to the University law, regulations and instructions, doing in particular the following tasks:

A) Propose the Centre's work plan and submit it to the Board for approval.​

B) Prepare the Center budget draft and present it to the Board.​

C) Prepare the Centre's annual report.​

D) Support the Centre's development by making connections and doing other activities that will facilitate the achievement of its goals

E) Implement the Board's decisions and follow it up.​

F) Any other tasks assigned by the Board.

Article (9): 

The center does his work through:

A) Contract with researchers and researcher assistants to conduct research or accomplish specific tasks.​

 B) provide an opportunity for members of the university academic staff or researchers from outside the university to carry out scientific research at the center.

C) Employ workers and Vienne according to the university administrative system and instructions.

Article (10):

Center's resources consist of :​

A) The money given from the university annual budget.

B) The money collected for services provided by the center according to laws and regulations of the university.​

C) Donations, grants, and contributions from either individuals or institutions from the inside and the outside.

D) According to laws and regulations of the university.​

E) any other sources approved by the Board.​

Article (11):

The center staff appointments in accordance with the law and regulations of the university and its effective instructions.

Article (12): 

the organizational structure of the Center is set as a forth in the Annex scheme.

Article (13): 

The President shall rule on unanswered cases in these instructions text.​


Cell Therapy Center

The center is licensed by the Ministry of Health