The use of human stem cells for therapeutic purposes has been on the increase in recent years. It is now a well-established form of treatment for the expansion and generation of human tissues and even organs such as skin to treat burn victims, diabetic skin lesions and other skin conditions. Human cells have been expanded and engineered in-vitro to generate bones and cartilage which can be used in various bone and cartilage diseases. Human mesenchymal stem cells have been expanded and engineered in the lab and used to treat graft versus host disease seen in bone marrow transplantation, multiple sclerosis, inflammatory bowel diseases and some rheumatological diseases. The potential for in-vitro expansion and engineering of human cells is tremendous and is undergoing major developments aimed at curing or alleviating many conditions, especially those related to aging. Stem cell therapies are hoped to solve many incurable illnesses which currently cannot be managed adequately by classic medical methods. For this purpose the University of Jordan has initiated and completed all the steps needed to establish a standalone center approved by the council for higher education

Cell Therapy Center

The center is licensed by the Ministry of Health