Skin Project
Skin is the largest organ of the human body. Full-thickness skin regeneration should include the combination of epidermis, dermis and connective tissues.

Surgical therapy has been the dominating approach in burn cases all over the world for decades. However, almost all surgeons admit that they adopted surgical skin graft not because it is the best therapy, but is the only choice. Human Skin Stem Cells (keratinocytes) have an enormous proliferation potential which can differentiate and reform a functional skin barrier that can be transplanted into patients suffering from severe burn injuries.


  Generate a unique layer of cells, organized as a sheet on a dermal substitute which will form the full thickness skin.

 Evaluate the efficiency of scaffold to support a three dimensional structure of the generated skin.

  Skin projects conducted in Cell Therapy Center :

 1-Generation of epidermis and skin substitutes. 

We are the1starabcenter which has generated successfully human epidermis in 2012 with a 300000 JD grant  support from the scientific support fund/ ministry of higher education.

      skin sheet.jpg

 2- Treatment of non-healing diabetic foot ulcers.

 We developed a special product that is capable of healing these very difficult ulcers. We conducted a double blind study and the preliminary results are extremely  successful.

    knee ulcer.jpg

The results were published in the following article:

 3- Development of a novel dermal substitute. This project is currently underway at the CTC.



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