Bone Project
Bone is a dynamic tissue which undergoes remodeling as it is constantly being resorbed and rebuilt. In case of severe injuries, the fracture repair mechanism of bone can fail which results poor bone healing with lower mechanical function. To overcome these problems, emerging tissue engineering therapies are appropriate substitutes to promote the regenerative ability of host body.

 Atissue-engineered   bone graft, composed of Mesenchymal stem cells and a suitable biodegradable material (scaffold), would be able to repair critical size bone defects. This research project is still in an experimental phase and not being subjected to clinical trials.


 · To evaluate the osteogenic potential of induced MSCs at different time intervals, in vitro.

· To evaluate the osteogenic potential of induced MSCs in bone healing, in vivo (animal models).

·  To evaluate the efficiency of synthetic biodegradable scaffolds, as bone graft substitute.

Results of this project 

The project has produced successfully a porous bone and this has been applied in small and large animals and is about to be used in humans.​

we have started a phase I study on humans to treat bone cysts and non-union bone fracture.



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