Knee Project
​Knee osteoarthrosis (KOA) has received and still receiving considerable attention of the CTC research. We started our working by using actiplate in mild to moderate KOA grade I and II. We proved that  this was safe and effective and we published our first paper:

Our second project was phase I study to test the safety of autologous mesenchymal stem cells of bone marrow origin and expanded in vitro. We proved that these are safe in stage II and III of KOA. We also showed that these cells are capable in renovating the damaged knee cartilage as proved by MRI.
​This work  has been published. Intra-articular injection of expanded autologous bone marrow mesenchymal cells in moderate and severe knee osteoarthritis is safe. The results were published in the followimg article:

 Our third project was a phase I safety study with inclusion similar to project 2 except that we used allogeneic Wharton Jelly mesenchymal stem cells expanded in vitro. The primary objective was safety. The project was completed successfully and we are in the process of analyzing the data. It seems this is a safe product with minimal adverse events. The results were published in the followimg article:

 Project four. Is a phase I study with similar inclusion to project 2 and 3. The source of mesenchymal cells is allogeneic fat aspirate expanded in vitro. The study is still accruing patients. The primary endpoint is safety.

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