Water, Energy and Environment Center

"We have made ​​from water every living thing"(21:33)


     The Water, Energy and Environment Center (WEEC) at the University of Jordan was established in 1982 where the scope of research and activities had focused on water related issues with the main goal of solving real problems in water management, treatments and reuse, groundwater management, irrigation and hydrological monitoring. Such goal can be achieved through fundamental and applied thematic research, which is of primary importance to arid and semi-arid areas such as Jordan, where water resources are limited and demand is growing. It was designed to be and to act as the research arm for the water related ministries, departments and authorities. The center had broaden its function to include the environmental and energy issues due their interdisciplinary nature and to cope with water-food-energy nexus as the core of sustainable development. There is also a need for joint water-energy policies and better understanding of the susceptibility of water to ene...More.

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