Academic Activities
“The Flute House and the Blessed Wheat” Lecture

UJLC and Middlebury Program hosted a lecture titled “The Flute House and the Blessed Wheat”, which was a part of a series of initiatives such as the initiative of “Zekra”. The lecture was delivered by Mr. Rabee Zuraiqat, one of the initiative’s founders. Mr. Zuraiqat placed a significant focus on the core of the initiative of “The blessed Grains of the Wheat”, established in 2019 to bring back to the surface the deeply rooted historical significance of the Jordanian wheat. He also stressed the need to restore the concept of “barakah”, which means the blessings of the wheat grains that continued to exist for longer periods of time in Jordan. To him, the story of the wheat is a glorious tale to be handed down from a generation to a generation and to be the old-new guiding compass that helps us navigate the many problems and challenges ahead of us as regards rebuilding our relationship with the soil and re-cultivating the deserted lands to achieve welfare self-sustenance. In the second part of his lecture, Mr. Rabee elaborated on the “Flute House”, where its designer carefully and artistically shapes the flute. The flute, just like wheat, had been perceived as one of the prominent folklore symbols in Jordan. UJLC' director and his assistants, along with Professors and students of the Middlebury Program, Copenhagen program, and the General Arabic Program keenly joined the discussion with the lecturer, who enhanced the audience’s excitement by playing the flute throughout the lecture.